An Internal Auditor’s Tale

Blogger: Nandita Parekh

IA @ BCAS Blog #12

I sat in a corner,

quiet and meek

Ready to give assistance,

that no one would seek

A one-person department,

I was the “Internal Auditor”

Asked to review vouchers

To find petty faults, like a class monitor.

An invitee to the Audit Committee,

Because the law said so,

I was given FULL 5 minutes

To summarize the entire year on the go.

My CEO said “We are in trouble,”

Sales are dipping, competition severe”

“I look at the vouchers, nothing more I do,

I am just an Internal Auditor, what can I do?”

Then came a mentor who took me aside,

Wise words she spoke that made me realize,

“YOU are the Internal Auditor, with your canvass so wide,

Be fearless and fair, you will have insights to emphasize.”

I left my lonely corner

And started looking around

Across functions and activities,

And Oh! There was so much to be found.

I met with many folks

In cabins and on shopfloors

No longer to find their faults

But to ease their woes

Analyzed the sales, studied the competition,

Read research reports and understood the global trends

Armed with my insights, with the CEO I met,

“If you don’t change your ways, your business is dead!”

Angered by my words, yet worried to the core,

I got an audience with the CEO and many more,

“Technology is changing our world in ways unseen,

Today’s thieves don’t break the locks, they enter through your screen”

“Opportunities are many and so are the threats,

May I take you through some gaps that must surely make you fret?”

And allow me to show you the ways to succeed

With risks and controls and culture and ethics

Invited to the Board Room, no longer as a pest

I laid bare my reviews, with utmost grit and zest

My presentations enchanting, few words to read,

They spoke with urgency through pictures, charts and reels

As I unfold this session

Here’s what remember must you,

If you want the world to change,

The change must start with YOU!

11 thoughts on “An Internal Auditor’s Tale

  1. U have so beautifully brought out the positive impact which an internal auditor can make on an organnisation – it is all in ourhands as to how we mould the role to the benfit of our clients/employers without compromising


    1. Thank you Amish – you have rightly said, that it is all in our hands…. I have experienced the transformation of Internal Audit over the past decades and thought of sharing it through the medium of a poem.


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